Friday, December 12, 2008

Global Warming

December 12, 2008
Global Warming
I know, I know, I've been dragging my feet lately. However I have come up with a subject that should bring a grin to all of you "Global Warming" folks.
Recently I saw a picture of Kotzebue Sound, and it was frozen over about two months early this fall. The seals and waleri (walrus's) were laying out there on the nice thick ice ,with big "toothy" smiles on their little whiskery faces.
While I'm at it, this summer was the coldest in Alaskan history.
My tomatoes grew up finally, but no tomatoes!My peppers did grow up to about half size, yet no little peppers. Nothing I planted made it to the table.
The farmers up in Fairbanks usually grow big fields of potatoes. Not much luck there.
The farmers in the Matanuska Valley usually grow big 80 pound cabbages, lettuce and all sorts of other things. This summer things were a month late and a lousy crop at that.Top that off, the Canadian scientists have said last week to forget the"global warming" myth, and prepare for a soon impending beginning to the next ice age.
They said that in the next couple of thousands years there could be 2000 feet of ice over Alaska and Canada, along with northern Europe.If you doubt that could happen, dig into your history books about how the weather dropped out for 400 years. It lasted all the way up to the late 1700's.Millions starved in Europe.
It only took a few years for things to drop out. Europe went from nice sunny, warm weather, to bitter winters and failed crops. It happened in less than ten years.
The Canadians said that the earth was starting into it's fartherest orbit from the sun. They said it would take several centuries to normalize, if it ever did.The interesting thing about all of this is it did seem to get very warm for a few years before things dropped out.Should you still think I'm huffing about some unknown tale, look up the history of the "Dark Ages" in Europe, and read it for yourself.
While you are at it, find out what happened to the Vikings that lived on Iceland.
The Scientist's also have tested the ice cores from the glaciers, and core samples from the sea bottom, and found that it always warmed up dramatically before an ice age dropped out.
We have been having some really toasty summers lately. Nothing like it used to be 40 years ago.
This year it froze up here in October, and still is frozen up. Not normal for the history of Alaska.
Tonight it's going to below zero again. Not too abnormal for this time of the year, but it has been colder than snot for a long time already. The ground is already frozen down three feet. Not Kool! Pipes may very well be freezing up this winter for too many folks.
I would like to invite Mr. Gore up here for a few weeks. Maybe we could sit out on the porch and have a nice cup of coffee. With global warming and all!
Having said all of that, I do have some great news for all of you who are worried about the polar bears.
First off, they are getting their issue of ice as we speak. Not to worry, there's plenty to go around.
Now for all of you who wondered what would become of the polar bears should it really warm up and melt all of their ice. They would surely all starve, right?
Good news!!
Should all the ice disappear, the seals and walrus's would be having to wander up on those warm beaches to sun themselves. Guess what those endangered polar bears would do?Yep, they would just sneak down to the beach and eat all the nice fat critters they needed.
While I worked in the Arctic (several years),the ice flows melted out a few miles. The poor old endangered polar bears came ashore and done what all good hunters do. They simply began to move inland up to 200 - 300 miles, and hunt caribou, muskoxen, moose, and anything else they wanted. Much like all of those black and grizzly bears.
The village of Fort Yukon, which is way South on the Yukon River, had to shoot a polar bear that came to town.So, as you can see, those old white bears are not about to starve as long as they have a brain, unlike some of those poor uninformed " critter huggers".
Those folks use the " Global Warming" scare as a platform to launch their "animal rights" B.S.
Do I know everything? NO!
My Dad was a Predator Control Officer most of his life. I might add that no one in Tehama County was ever attacked by a mountain lion.
The coyotes weren't allowed to kill off everything below them in the food chain.
I remember how many gray and red foxes there used to be. I remember how many of the "ground" nesting birds, like the pheasants, quail. ducks, etc., that there used to be.
The last time I was down there, I was hard pressed to see any sign of most of them.
I hear the foxes are now endangered.
Those poor old mountain lions are few and far between?? Actually, there are as thick as the hair on a deers back. Should you be able to find a deer.
So much for my old soap box.I think I'll go out and have my evening tea on the deck. It's only 5 below out there, with global warming of course.
I would like any input from you all, about all of this. I know you have been sold a lot of pure old "bunk" about this stuff.
I started this out with an attempt to bring some humor out of it all, but the more I wrote, the less funny things seemed to get.
Sorry about that!Bubba