Monday, April 06, 2009

Braggin Rights

Thought I would get an update on my latest adventure, to the local hospital, that is:)
It's easier to do theses little blurbs than call.
Today I got out of the hospital with ALL of the cancer removed. I only got the colonoscopy because my brother and nephews had gotten one,( I didn't want to be left out on such a nice event) I had no pain or thought I had any problems.
Today I'm walking a bit stiffly. Feels like I swallowed a "lit chainsaw."
The next time they get some test done I will be running the other way as fast as my short legs will travel!!
Actually I'm a walking miracle. I lost 14 inches of colon, and my right kidney.Like I have said before, I had no pain or knew anything was wrong.If either of those cancers had spread, I wouldn't be here pecking on this key-board.
My cancerous kidney was 4-5 inches wide and at least that thick.It looked like maybe 9-10 inches long and the Doc said 3-4 pounds.
I'm sure it was some sort of world record!! Can you imagine that?? I had a world record kidney and couldn't even brag about it! My nephew Frank wanted it to make a fuel filter out of it. He also want the colon to make a "moose call" out of it.
For some reason the old Doc wouldn't give it up.
My little wife doesn't see the humor in it all, and she muttered something about us being some sort of sick dogs.
Some times the little gals can't understand??
Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.
If you ever wonder if God is listening, then maybe you can help me understand this little tid bit. "I just underwent MAJOR SURGERY and NEVER HAD ANY PAIN??" I do have stitch irritation, but had no real pain. ( I seldom ever pushed the pain button either, and only when the nurse scolded me)
God must think I'm special!! Maybe I'll brag about that!!


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