Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flournoy Never Changes

We were in California over Thanksgiving.
I decided to take a trip up-state to the little community of Flournoy, where I went to the first few years of grade school.
My memories of the little country school and the old homestead have always been very dear to my heart.
My book, "The Wilderness Trail", began here in my childhood and ended at the old ranch site where I had lived over 50 years ago.There are many references to Flournoy in the story.
I have never forgotten the country life-style of Flournoy. It seems like everything else, and every place else where I lived had changed dramatically over the years.
Flournoy has managed to stay much the same. The people are still friendly, and the old Flournoy Store still has the old-time 50,s style atmosphere.
The Bedford's still live next door. John Bedford is one of the last living friends that my Dad had, and he and his wife are still considered to be family.
When we arrived at the store, my first grade teacher, Marjory Murphy, was there to greet us. Her son, Darrell, and two of my classmates from were there too. I hadn't seen Sherry Pitkins or Jim Davies since the years at old Corning High School, where I graduated from in 1962.
I hadn't seen Marjory since 1953.
They were seated around the old table on the front porch of the store. What a reunion!
Most of the afternoon was spent spinning stories about how things were in the old days and all of the people we knew. It was a time I will never forget, with folks who were just like family, even after all the years gone past.
We ended the day inside sitting around the table. The rib-eye steak I had was outstanding. Lin had the "Belly Buster". When I saw that monster burger, I wished I had ordered it instead of the steak.
Not to worry... Lin could not eat half of it, and took the other half home in a doggy bag. I am always the "doggy". It was still absolutely wonderful the next day when I finished it off.
I can not wait to get my own.
We will be in San Francisco in late June. I'm planning on coming back to Flournoy and doing a book signing at that old table on the front porch of the store. I am also planning on chomping on one or two of the big old burgers.
I don't have a date for the signing yet, but I will in a short while. I will be having postures put up around Corning and Flournoy.
I sure would like to see as many of my old class-mates as possible.
A lot of who I am comes from my years at Flournoy school and the long-lost country life-style that we lived.
I can't wait to come back to my roots.


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