Friday, April 02, 2010

Bubba and the Parrot

While working as a telephone repairman in Anchorage, I got a call to respond on a repair order.
When I showed up to the residence, it was obvious it was the home of a druggy.
There was a note on the door telling me that the key was under the mat, and to go on in and fix the phone.
It went on to say he had two large pit bulls, but I would be OK if I didn't try to pet them. It also said that he had a parrot, who talked rough, but as long as I didn't "talk" to him, it would be best.
While I was repairing the phone, I got tired of the bird calling me awful names, so I finally turned to it and called it a few foul names of my own.
The parrot set there quietly for a few minutes and then yelled in a loud voice,"SPIKE...STRIKER..GET EM!"
Thought you could use a grin today.


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