Saturday, May 08, 2010

NO Big Deal

I suppose that I could sit down and wring my hands and feel real sorry for myself.That might be the plan of some ordinary folks who take a foul hit from a health issue.
So far in the last year I lost my cancerous right kidney, 14 inches of colon, major surgery to put large mess in my guts due and old prison injury, and now I'm looking at spinal surgery on monday morning in Anchorage.I guess I have been a bit rough on picking up things bigger than me for too long.
After 67 years of doing and living my dreams, I'm not about to lay down and let someone else wait on me hand and foot.
My little wife has seven fusions of her spine from prison injuries.( She was one of the top cops at the Calif. Dept of Corrections.) She suffers more than anyone I know. She is happiest bent over a bull moose that she just harvested. The bigger the gut pile, the happier she is. Does it hurt?? Unbelievably!! You might see tears running down her face, but you won't hear a whimper.
The reason I write some of these types of articles is I hate to see good, productive people, who have always been active, just sit down and let pain destroy the rest of their lives.
I only have a blown disc at L4-L5. It messes up my leg with lots of kool charley-horses in my left calf. Hate those charley-horses! That disc will be lobbed off monday morning and I'll be bear hunting in a few days.
Long ago I stopped hanging around folks who use that "CAN'T" word. Life has enough hard times and those "can't" folks can peddle their brand of "defeatism" somewhere else.
Saying "CAN'T" to Lin and I is like throwing a steak at a couple of hungry hounds!
We have the Gill nets to run in June. We usually catch 150 salmon in 3-4 days. Then Bow season for moose. Lot's of trout and arctic char must be caught in these mountain lakes. After all of that fun, we camp out for a month far back in the mountains for some serious bear and big old moose hunting. During that time we pick gallons of blue berries, wild raspberries, cranberries, wild currants, and wild watermelon berries.
Who has time to sit down and bawl about a little stiff back problems.Eight years ago I had a cancerous prostate removed and then 5 years ago I had the pleasure of receiving 3 nice stints in my heart. I have climbed a lot of mountains since then, and bagged several tons of moose and bears. I can not say how many pounds of halibut I have pulled up from 300 feet.
You will hear me huffin and puffin once in a while about these temporary little set backs. I don't do it to be boasting, I do it to inspire regular folks to reach down and pull themselves up by the boot straps when bad things happen to them. AND they WILL happen sooner or later.
I noticed that quite a few of you seem to enjoy this old rambling from the "comments".
My life story, "The Wilderness Trail" should be of interest to some of you.It can be bought from me or at the web site
Bubba n Lin Hunt, walking the wilderness trail.


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