Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Run Around

I'll bet that I'm not the only bone-head that has had a "run around" to end all run arounds.The only reason I'm going to share this mess is that it probably happens to a lot of folks.Recently I ordered a nice photo,fax,scanner,printer from good old Dell. It was a Christmas present for my wife who just had gotten a nice lap-top from Dell.All of my computors are Dell, and I like them much better than any of the others I have had.However this time I thought I would NEVER get the new stuff to work. I have a wireless system and a DSL for my computors.The new printer was a wireless unit so Lin could use it any where in the house.The only problem was I couldn't seem to get the wireless card programmed.After a full day of monkeying with it, I decided to call the Dell tech to help me.I had no idea that Dell's techs are in the south pacific. I am not prejudice by any means, but I have a very hard time understanding some of those folks.It took forever to get them to answer the phone, and when they did, I explained what my problem was.Once I spent an hour trying to communicate my needs, the tech said that I needed to talk to some one in tech-support.I told him that was who I thought he was. He said no, but he would give me another number to call,but first he would give me a "case number". I promply called the new number, went through all of the options, and was put on hold for another half an hour.I jumped through all of the new set of hoops, and was told that I still needed to talk to someone else, but first I needed a new "case number".You may think I'm exaggerating, but I jumped through all of the new hoops again and was given more new "case numbers". I wound up with six "case numbers" before I got someone who could communicate with me.He was a nice chap who was able to help me down-load the datta I needed to make the wireless work. The only problem was now the new printer would not power-up.The nice tech said he would send me a new replacement, which should take only a few days. He was nice enough to give me a "case number", and his name so I could call back.I now had seven case numbers!Today I got the new printer. I called the tech, who was not available, but the new tech informed me that I needed to talk to a different department. But first, of course he would give me a case number to expedite the process. I immediately thanked him for the new number and called the number he gave me . It was the first number I had been given??Back to square one!This process went on all day. I now am the proud owner of 14 case numbers, but I did finally get a tech to help program my system. It works great!You would think my troubles were over. Not so!! I still have a dead printer sitting here in front of me that needs to be shipped back.All I now really needed was a "shipping slip" to stick on the box. Simple, huh?Well, I just completed 3 more hours talking to everyone in Manilla, and I have 6 more case numbers.The last chap, that I waited 30 minutes to get to talk to, informed me that I was going to have to call back during regular working hours tomorrow. However he would give me a "case number" to expedite the process.Tomorrow I will get back after this mess. I don't know how many "case numbers" that I'll wind up with.I'll let you all know how it turns out, but first let me give you a "case number", so you won't forget


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