Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Fever

Here it is almost mid-April and spring has shown some signs of being around the corner. It has been below freezing for so long that I can hardly remember when it was above.I have been told that my memory is so bad that I can't remember half of the things she sends me to the store to get, unless it's sporting goods.Anyways, it finally warmed up and things are now in pud muddles ( mud puddles).This is the time I take the studs off of the vehicles, which I did. It snowed last night and is supposed to snow more this next week to show me that I made another stupid mistake again.My most memorable event came when I was laying under the back of my truck. The ground was still frozen and I placed a piece of plywood down to keep me off of the ice. The only problem was that a small stream was running under the plywood and down the driveway. When I rolled over to put the floor-jack under the axle, the plywood flexed down allowing the small stream to flood my nice dry plywood. That event triggered the "ice water down the neck" reflex, causing me to jump. It's not easy to jump up while laying on your back under a truck, but jump I did!My head hit the end of the spring shackle, which is made of really hard steel. I raised my hand to rub the knot on my head and it hit the tail-pipe, which caused a ton of dirt to fall into my eyes. I then rolled over to wipe the dirt out of my eyes and banged the fender which caused a fist full of snow to fall down my neck.I crawled up the steps of the house and into the bathroom to wash the crud out of my eyes. My dear little wife had it in her heart to sympathize with me by saying,"It looks like things are going well, Hon"!Believe it or not, I did manage to get the job done with only a few more sad events.Presently I'm packing the camper for the low tides next week. We will be sneaking off to our secret beach to dig those big razor clams. We'll be camping for five days on the beach just above the high tide line. Clamming is one of our favorite passtimes, and something we do a lot during the summer. We are getting an early start this year.Soon we'll be cruising a remote lake looking for bears on the beach, and then fishing for lake trout in the upper Kasilof River. Then it's set-net time for salmon in June, followed by fishing the Kenai River in July.Somewhere in there, we will need to spend a few days cruising Prince William Sound for rock fish and halibut.Then in August it's moose season with a month camped out in the mountains. I guess I should mention the week we'll be spending over on the Alaskan Peninsula in September wacking a couple of grizz.Sometimes I get sooo bored!


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