Friday, June 08, 2007

One More Bad Thing

Yesterday, when I was complaining about bad things, I forgot to share one of the worse.It happened when I was dumping briquettes into the barbecue pit. I had forgotten that I had dropped the 25 pound bag of briquettes and caused a 6 inch rip in the side of the bag.While I was pouring out the briquettes, I was holding the bag under my right arm, and digging out the briquettes with my left hand. So far everything is kool. The rip in the bag was dumping a cup of black briquette dust out of the rip.The dumping of the dust was nothing much except it was dumping down my right leg. That should have been fairly easy to just dust off my leg. The real problem came because I was wearing my favorite Carhart bibs that are open on each side just a little. That "little" was just enough to catch that cup of dust, sending it careening down the inside of my Carharts. The sad results were a black leg, along with everything else. I wound up with most of the dust in my shoe.Little "Precious" found the incident quite humorous to say the least. I just can't wait until she tells everyone she knows. It will be twice as bad as it was, and it was bad enough!!


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