Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Red Bull Bear

I do believe one of the most memorable events of this years moose camp came from one of my Irish neighbors over on the north ridge.I won't give up his name, but I call him Boom-Boom Mahenny.He got the nice name because he entertains himself by shooting targets in camp when he gets bored.
Most of his close camping neighbors don't particularly appreciate his bad habit of making so much noise.He has a dozen guns, and takes it upon himself to be sure and shoot them all. He's been counted at over 100 rounds in a single display of boredom.
His camp is beyond the far ridge, which doesn't bother me as all of his noise simply drives the moose over to my camp.Old Boom-Boom kept a case of "Red Bull" in a cooler in his camp. He also has pictures on his trail cam, of a black bear sow with three little cubs, who visits at night.
The last time I saw Boom-Boom, he was wandering around a brushy ridge looking for the cooler of Red Bull. It seems that the sow had stolen it from his camp. She dragged it out into the high grass and brush to have a sip or two.
His chances of ever finding it are slim, and none.
Somewhere in the Kenai Peninsula's Caribou Hills roams a sow black bear hopped up on Red Bull.
Should you hear of any cabin ravaged by a bear, it may very well be a black bear needing a hit on Red Bull.Be very careful, I've seen what it does to my nephew, Josh, when he needs his hit.
George"Bubba"Hunt, walking "The Wilderness Trail".


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