Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Sad State of Affairs

Summer is here in Alaska. We wait all year for this kool time. The only bad part is the sun. It is 10 PM and it won't set for two more hours. Then it comes up almost where it went down. Picture this.. the sun sets in the north, across the Kenai River. It doesn't get dark because the sun doesn't stay down for more than an hour. So it is kind of sundown for a while. Then it comes up almost where it went down, and is shining in my eyes while I'm trying to get some sleep.
The sun doesn't go overhead. It kind of circles the sky and then dips below the horizon. It actually shines on all sides of the house during it's circle. It takes a bit of getting use to. I don't sleep well when the sun is shining. Most of the time I get back up and get busy. I guess what this all means is I can fish 24 hours a day. Tough deal huh??
I can hear the wheels grinding. You are thinking how dark it is in the winter. Most outsiders think of six months of darkness. Not here! In the shortest days of December, the sun comes up at about 10 AM, and sets around 3 PM.Not a long day by no means, but still a day.
Up north where I spent 2 years in the oil fields of the arctic, things do get dark. I can remember only too well that the sun set in October and didn't come up till March. That much darkness makes folks weird. I may have stayed up there too long from the looks of things??
The sun will be going down a little earlier by August. Then I'll be able to get some sleep. Until then, you'll probably be getting some strange blogs from a "spun" old fisherman. Also watch out for the lies. I will be telling a lot of them the squirrelier I get. Dang!! I may have already gotten off to an earlier start than normal.
I guess I'm just scratching for someone to feel sorry for me. A sad state of affairs to say the least!!


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