Thursday, June 28, 2007

Salmon on the Ice

Just got back from the beach. My old fishing partner, Sid, and I caught our year supply of salmon in 5 days. We could have been done sooner, but we were having so much fun that we dragged it out as long as possible.
Our limit was 70 salmon. We had it down to an art. We used a wench to pull the net in from the bay. I had my pressurized water hose to wash the fillets. I had my generator and small freezer set up and used my ATV to haul the fish in from the beach. The salmon went from the salt water to the vacuum sealer and into the freezer in about 20 minutes. Can't get much fresher than that.
Everyone stopped by our camp to admire our set up. The camp was a big 10X20 feet tent complete with microwave oven , nice bunks, and running water. The sand on the beach was deep enough to keep our campers home, but our tent camp was as comfortable as home. The surf and sunsets were spectacular.
I did manage to get a nice tan, along with a fine sun burn. Other than that, it was one more adventure added to our long list of fun things we do up here in Alaska.
Early next week we will be halibut fishing out of Seward. We will be going out for an over night trip to Prince William Sound. We will bring back rock bass, halibut and some 60 pound ling cod. Maybe even a bear.
It is only a couple of months until moose camp.The big Caribou Hills fire has burned off a hundred square miles of my hunting range, but it has only driven the moose closer to my second moose hunting grounds. The moose should be concentrated in my camping area.Sigh...all the work will soon begin. I did build a boom with a wench on the back of my ATV, so I won't have to pick up those 200 pound moose hind quarters. Other than Lin and I, I haven't invented anything to eat all of that fine moose meat.
Tis a dirty job, but someone has to do it!
I have noticed my comments section has been a bit bleak lately. Anyone still out there??


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