Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bubba and the Fat Pudding

For those of you who follow this blog site, I thought I would ask for a little help on a serious problem .
Last week I passed my annual cancer tests just fine.
A couple of days ago I went in for my annual treadmill test.
The Doc didn't like the way things looked, so he yanked me into the O-R by the back of my neck.
Then he slammed two more stents into my poor old heart. I guess the three I already had were lonesome. I now have a total of five which is more than old Dick Chaney.
My little wife has found it in her heart to cut out all of the fried chicken, french fries, fried tators,
and a ton of other food that I'm sure will kill me to give up.
The worst one was my big craving for biscuits and fat pudding ( gravy).
I told the doctor it was probably the fat pudding that contributed to my clogged arteries, and he looked at me with a " dumb s##t" look on his face.
I told the doctor that my fishing pardner, Butch McLoud, who is a full blown Texan, was the one who got me started on the biscuits and fat pudding.
Old Butch told me it was probably not good to be eating the pudding, but he was going to continue eating it until he didn't feel good.
I thought that was a good reason, so I ate my little heart out on the stuff.
I tried to call Butch from the O-R to let him know it was too late waiting until it felt bad. I was going to have him come in and watch how the doctor cut my wrist and shoved in those rods with the stents on the end.
I talked to Butch today about the pudding, and he didn't seem too excited about stopping eating it.
I told him it really tasted good until they strapped me down to that table and began poking needles into my whole self.
It was at that point that I made a decision to lay off of the good old fat pudding.
I have been through a lot of bad things, but giving up on the fat pudding is the most painful thing so far.
If any of you folks have any good suggestions about how to do it, please let me know.
In case you we wondering... I'm still going bear hunting tomorrow.
I don't let little things like cancer and clogged arteries stop me from having some good old fun!
Bubba Hunt walking "The Wilderness Trail"


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