Friday, December 15, 2006

Frozen Wilderness

The morning broke clear and crisp on the frozen ice of Spirit Lake. A bald eagle watched us fish from his perch in a spruce tree 75 yards away. Suddenly there was a swoosh of wings and we were one less fish.The eagle had slipped in and stolen one of our rainbows that we had placed on the ice next to our fishing holes.We had been catching and releasing fish for several hours. Most of the time we take home only 4 fish each. We never take more than we will eat at one meal. It's not that frozen rainbows and silver salmon ( cokanee) aren't good, it's just that when we want fresh fish, we go fishing.I learned years ago that if you are invited out to breakfast in the winter, you had better dress warm. It means that you are about to partake in some fresh-cooked trout out on some frozen lake.Early cold weather has frozen the lakes a month earlier this year. As soon as I got back from the cardiac unit in Redwood City, California, I was loading my Arctic Cat Prowler getting ready. Since I have tracks, cab, heater, etc on the Cat, I'm set up to do some back-woods hunting and fishing in comfort.I always take a propane tank, double propane burner heater, lunch, hot tea and anything else I decide.We believe in having a good time no matter what the weather decides to do.The wind is the only thing that can make things nasty. We usually hang a tarp on the side of the Cat, and set up out of the wind.I don't like to use my ground blind because it blocks the view, and we enjoy watching moose, eagles and what ever else comes to visit.The trail into Spirit Lake is about 3 miles, and then another mile over the ice to our favorite fishing place.Today I had my neighbor Tom with me. My other fishing partner, Sid, is planning on another fishing trip in a few days.Don't know if I can make it a "few days". Tom and I probably will slip out there again this week-end after I get my Christmas tree cut.If you are wondering, I don't go if it is below 20 degrees. It's just too much trouble to keep the ice from freezing in our fishing holes. The ice yesterday was a good two feet thick and plenty thick enough to drive across.I don't care for thin ice. I don't EVEN want to think about breaking through the ice miles back in the bush.That would probably ruin an otherwise fine day. Just another day in paradise.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Still Kicking

Just got back from SFO. It didn't take the Doc's at Sequoia Hosp. in Redwood City very long to take care of business.I am now the proud owner of three new stents. I was lucky again dodging three bullets.So far the medication is not working too hot, but I'm doing some experimenting with it.Since I got the three "medicated" stents, I have found that they too are killing folks. Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones. The Doc's said the risk was worth the benefits. We'll see!I'm not going to let it slow me down much. I hear the ice is three feet thick and the fish are hungry. Soon as I get over this California Crud ( flu ), I'm headed for the lake. I'd already be gone, but my old fishing cronies are afraid to catch the crud from me.Thanks to all of you that were praying for me. Your e-mails are always encouragingBubba