Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Cold Man Cometh Again

Darkness has come to the Kenai Peninsula once again. Along with the darkness, a bit of chilly.The sun may have came up this morning, but due to the blizzard, it wasn't making much of an appearance.I think it was suppose to arrive at ten something, and exit around three something. It's three and does seem to be getting a bit darker outside.
I managed to take a "heat gun" and thaw the door handles out on my track rig. They stayed thawed for a couple of seconds, then froze solid again. It looks like I'll be bringing the doors inside for the night, and letting all of the moisture drip out of those locks.
My little owner will have a few things to say about those doors being inside dripping on the floor. She has all three million of her Santa's' standing on and in every corner of the house. She collects few things, but those Santa's' are something she can't pass up.There surely must be room enough for my doors among those Santa's.
I went down the hill and cut her a tree, packed it back, and put it up. It wasn't quite what she was looking for, so back out in the sub-zero went old Bubba with axe in hand.This time I walked and looked hard for such a tree that she would like. Finally I found one growing on a steep hillside. It was almost to the bottom of the mountain. I dreaded cutting it but it was so cold that I couldn't bear to argue with myself for long.
The pack back up the hill almost killed me, although it was hard to feel the pain with everything that I owned frozen.She accepted the tree. The look in her eye told me that she probably wouldn't have cut it.
The tree was about 12 feet tall when it was on the stand. The only small problem was it had a little dog-leg near the bottom of the trunk, which caused it to lean a bit. Hardly noticeable, but she could see it.
After I got all of the lights on it, using a tall ladder, she had a more serious look in her eye.The tree looked OK from most angles except one side and she didn't like it.So, I took the saws-all and whacked it off about 3 feet to get above the dog-leg.Now it stands fairly straight, except only about 8 feet tall.
She likes real tall trees, but this one will work for this year.Next year I'm cutting one 32 feet tall. That's how far it is to the ceiling. Don't know yet how I'll get it through the french doors in front, but I figure it out some how. I have a year to work on it!!
Some idiot once said that it gets too cold to snow.Well, it started snowing at 5 below zero today and it has warmed all the way up to 5 above, and still snowing. I guess that white stuff IS snow. I know I'll be out plowing in the morning if we want to go anywhere.Must be that old "Global Warming" taking place.
It has been below cold for a week and the lakes are getting a good start on an ice pack. Can't wait till it will hold my track rig.
This time of the year is awkward. It's too early to ice fish and too late to water fish. Boring as heck!!
It's the time when we put up our camping stuff and drag out our ice fishing gear.
I've been bragging about that new ice hut that's on sale down at the fish store. Lin has been sympathetic, but hasn't conceded that it is something we need.I think I'll surprise her with a new ice hut for Christmas! I have already surprised her with a new Garmin GPS complete with a topo map of the whole state of Alaska. She desperately needs it for running the swamps during moose season.
Only fear of too many surprises for her has prevented me from purchasing the ice hut for her.It seems like I can faintly remember threats last year when this subject came up. I vaguely remember something about me sleeping in it if I did.?? Naw, must be my old memory slipping a bit.