Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rolling Along

Summer has finally turned up on the Kenai Peninsula. At least what ever we will get of it.
So far it has been a few warm days and rain. Lots and lots of rain. It seems almost like the old August monsoons.Actually it really does feel like August so far.I hope not, because it could bring on the chill of fall.Everything has been out of touch with normal, whatever that is.
I am on schedule with my summer projects.
My old fish netting partner and I ran the Gill net this year again. We caught our limits along with several family members showing up to use our net. I think all of us caught around 140 salmon in 5 days.I've been smoking the remainder of last years catch that was in the freezer.I now have a bunch of smoked salmon, sealed and in the freezer too. I never canned any this summer because we still have several cases left over.
This year everything went perfect on the beach. We once again used our winch to pull our net and put it back out.We also used our vacuum sealer and had the fish in the freezer in 20 minutes out of the water.
Everyone stopped by again to admire our fish processing operation.
I just finished splitting and stacking 10 cords of firewood for the winter, that will surely come.
August 10th is opening day for moose hunting with bow and arrow. I have stayed practiced up and ready.My arrows group inside a 4 inch circle at 40 yards. I still can hit a small pie plate at 60 yards, which I don't plan on having to do. I plan on no more than 45 yards on a shot. I'll just sneak closer if I have to do it. I don't believe in long shots due to wounding animals. It's not that I can't do it, it's just not something that I want to do.I also try to discourage anyone else from doing the long shots. I won't hunt with those who try those things.
For those who are interested, I shoot a Diamond Black Ice Bow set at 70 pounds. I use Carbon Express arrows with 125 grain Muzzy broad heads. It is a combination that is deadly on big game.
This summer has been the best lake fishing that I can remember.We have caught a bunch of Arctic Char up to 3 pounds. The rainbows are equally as big and the land-locked silver salmon also have run 2-3 pounds. I'm to a place where I could easily eat something else besides fish.Not to worry! I'll soon be munching on moose back strap.
The old grizz has been by a few times. but my electric fence has worked very well too. No more smears on my glass door from his big old wet nose.The first time he touched the fence, he managed to leave a large deposit scattered across my yard. Dirty rascal!Better cleaning up that than having him inside my kitchen.
This year has brought on more bear maulings than ever. Joggers, fishermen, a lady picking mushrooms, a girl riding a bike, and it goes on and on. Many, many maulings and even more close calls. We have far too many bears.Every night it seems like the local police respond to bear problems down town.I guess that is living in Alaska. The problem is too many new-comers bullying around in the woods with no respect for anything. Bears don't "bully" very well.
Tomorrow I'll begin to put my camping stuff together for moose camp. Can't wait!!
Bubba n Lin Hunt, walking "The Wilderness Trail"