Saturday, February 09, 2008

A little Pinching of the Ear

It has been below zero for longer than I can remember. It's probably not been over a month or so, but the older I get the harder it is to remember.
First we had the snows. Miles and miles of snow. So much that I got tired of plowing the stuff.Then some one turned off the snow switch and turned on the cold switch. Must have been that old "Global Warming" rascal. I'd like to hang him by his precious parts until frozen!
As a matter of fact it has been too cold to go ice fishing. If you can believe that!!The ice hole freezes up faster than one can keep breaking up the ice.I know that I could fish inside of the hut, but I can't see the mountains and stuff from inside.
The view is half the fun.Catching and releasing fish is just a little chore that gets your hands cold. Yeah, I have the propane heater to keep warm with but I'd much rather be outside.Today it got all the way up to + 5 degrees, but the wind came up and is blowing like it was it's last chance to blow!That wind can be much worse than the below zero temps.I know, whine, whine, whine!
Got my new Black Ice Bow all tuned up. What a name, huh?
My Home-Boys wonder what an old codger, who's about to turn 65 in March, is doing shooting a 70 pound compound bow.I guess they know that the last two things I killed in 1986 were bears. It almost retired me when I whacked that old grizzly, and in turn, he "tuned" me up.
I guess I've also forgotten about the pain, and I'm finally getting over the bad dreams. Haven't had one in a couple of months. I suppose that I'll wind up getting out there and getting some more bad experiences to shore up the dreams.
My little Owner is finally getting over me spending the grand for my bow, I think. She claims that she doesn't remember how much she paid for me, but it was far too much.
I can always figure out how aggrevated she is by the way she cuts my hair. It is clear by the amount of force she exerts on my ears when she wants me to turn my head.
She cut my hair this morning and both of my ears are still sore. I guess she needs a little more time to get over the bow.
I haven't said anything about those nice carbon arrows that I could use. They run about $125 bucks a dozen.I'll keep quiet on that issue for a while. At least until my ears get over the pain of being pinched and yanked on.
I sure will be glad when spring gets here. It will be a lot better when I can go outside to pout, and not get so blasted cold!
Poor Old Bubba