Saturday, October 23, 2010


Noah, you have been around since 10-11-2010, and I haven't had much of a chance to say "howdy" from your old Grandpa, Bubba Hunt.
Since I live up here in Alaska, and you were born in South Carolina, it has been a bit tough to have a get-together so far.
There is a few things I should make you aware of.
First, your Grandma Lin is getting ready to come back there and visit you.
You have to understand that these women folks mean well, but they will be talking a bunch of silly baby talk to you. You'll just have to tough it out for a while.
They will also be trying to do other silly things such as kissing you on the face and goo-gooing.
Some will try to chuck your cheek and tickle your chin, in an effort to get a grin out of you. I know, I know, it's ridiculous, but keep this in mind;those grandma's make a lot of tasty cookies and pies.
As hard as it may seem, I know you will put up with all of the hooferah.
Believe me, all of the fuss will be over in a few years and we can go on to just being a couple of old smelly fishermen.
I have to apologize for giving you such a messed up world, but again, I was born at the end of WW2. I can still remember being afraid of airplanes, and how hard it was getting some kinds of food.
When I was in grade school, we had to practice an emergency drill called "Duck and Cover", in case we were hit with an H-bomb.
I can still remember in the 50's when a lot of folks built "fall-out" shelters.
You, too, will have to be strong.Hopefully the world leaders will be able to find a way where we can all live in some kind of peace.
We are going to have to figure out some way that we can hang around together. I have a lot of things to teach you.
Besides fishing, I can show you how to survive in the wilderness with nothing more than the clothes on your back.
My Dad was the last of the old west Mountain Men. He was trained to trap and hunt by a famous clan of explorers. They were the John Wesley Powell bunch.I think they were cousins.
You will find a lot about them in the western history books. I believe they were the first to float the Colorado River, and they were big in the Indian culture-language history during that time.
The things I can teach you will be from many years of back-country living. It can't be learned from books.
Your Grandma Lin, and I still live the wilderness lifestyle and it would be kool to pass it on to you.
Your Mom is OK with us fishing, but back-woods hunting and trapping still doesn't sit well with her yet.
When you get to be a teenager, we'll team up and put the pressure on her.
Just think... summers in Alaska catching big salmon, digging clams,picking berries, and chasing moose. How much more fun can it be!
Lastly, I want you to know that you will always have a friend who will listen to you, advise you on tough decisions, or just let you rant if you need to.
Always respect your parents, be honest in everything you do, and expect the best out of people.
Life will bring a lot of happiness. It will also bring a lot of failure and pain. Learn from it, never quit, and never let it keep you down. There will always be challenges and stumbling blocks. Use them as stepping stones to greater things. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Surround yourself with people who are winners, and stay away from those who never have a vision for success.
Set your goals high and aim for the target. If you miss, then make adjustments and shoot again.
Remember this.." If you are made of the right material, a hard fall always results in a high bounce".
Most of all, be honest to yourself, and your Creator. Take life by the horns and never let go.
Watch out world, here comes Noah!
George"Bubba"Hunt a proud old grandpa!