Monday, January 23, 2006

A Little Humor Hear(here)

The other morning I told my Owner (Wife), that I almost "took" my batteries.
She looked at me in the usual way when she knows I'm about to say something totally ridiculous.
She asked, "What in heck are you trying to say this time?"She knew something was up and didn't want to "bite"like a dog and leave herself open to a few belly laughs from me.
I went on to say that every night I always take the batteries out of my hearing aids, and set them on the the bathroom counter next to my vitamins.
She responded, " Yeah and I'm getting a bit tired of knocking them off onto the floor and having to crawl around looking for them."
I went on to say that I opened all of my vitamins bottles and put each vitamin in a little pile so I could put them all in my hand, and throw them into my mouth at one time. I would then mix up some fiber in a glass of water, and use it to wash down the handful of vitamins.
The only problem was I was doing all of this without putting on my glasses.
The only thing to stop this was the taste of something "cold" in my mouth. I knew that the vitamins usually weren't that cold.
I spit out the hand full of vitamins to find that I had almost swallowed the hearing aid batteries.
Personally, I believe this could happen to anyone and that's why I'm sharing this miss-adventure.
I had to get a kleen-x so she could wipe the tears from her precious little eyes. No, she wasn't crying, she was recovering from severe stomach pain caused from a lengthy bout of laughter.
My stomach felt fine.
There is a moral to this, but I can't remember what it was???

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Adventures of Bubba-4

Got my trusty old Mac back, now I can make more movies.
Last week I hit the lake again. My neighbor, his brother and their four little kids showed up. Not one of the kids was over six. They kept me baiting hooks all afternoon. Every one of them caught a bunch of fish. I believe they went home with at least 30 silvers and rainbows.
I returned a couple of days later with Sid, my usual fishing partner. It was a memorable day.
I drilled the holes and set up the heater before I dropped a line. I done it so I would be ready when the fish started. The only mistake I made was involved in a pee after I dropped the first bait.
I should have known better than that!! As luck would have it, just as soon as I was busy, the pole dove almost into the hole. I yelled at Sid, who scrambled to grab it. I don't know why he found it in his heart to hand me the pole, because I certainly wasn't done. I did try to pull the fish out of the hole, which was a major mistake with a fish that big. I can say with all honesty, that it was the biggest rainbow I have ever seen come out of that lake. It almost wouldn't fit in the ice-hole. My efforts to pull it out with one hand full of clothes, ended up with a sharp "snap" of the line. If I had been thinking, I could have grabbed the ice-spoon and maybe landed the big fish. I wasn't "thinking" and managed to loose the biggest fish that I probably will ever hook in that lake. I know it was at least 5 pounds.
I know there must be a moral to this story, but I'll let you figure it out.