Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shake it Bubba !!

While sitting down for supper tonight, I took a can of coke and proceeded to pop the cap. Lin was putting the ribs on the table and not paying much attention to what I was doing. She seldom pays much attention to what I'm doing!
I mentioned that I had been using a couple of cans of spray paint to do some camo painting on my track-rig. I mentioned that I had to walk around for 20 minutes shaking those cans of paint before I could use them. It seems that the cans have a little ball-bearing inside that is used to help stir-up the paint as it is shaken. I hate having to shake those cans of paint!
I also had a can of coke that I was sipping on as I painted.
Isn't kind of funny how one gets into a mode of, say, shaking a can?
She boomed out in a loud voice, " I asked you what that wet stuff was all over the porch, and you said it must be water! Now I'll have to wash that sticky coke off of the porch!"
I tried to tell her that habits were hard to break. She blurted back, " You certainly have a full-time job dealing with all of them."
I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't the first time I had shaken the coke. How could I possibly confess that it had taken an hour to get that sticky coke off the wet paint on the rig.
She just never is sympathetic about things like this.