Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Time to Stand UP and be COUNTED

I have been sitting watching all day of the Americans who turned out for TEA day.I found myself humbled by the unity of so many folks who are tired of what the Obama administration, along with a Liberal controlled Congress, is doing to destroy everything we have stood for for over 200 years.I have been perplexed for so long. Sometimes I have felt that I was the only one who understood what was going to take place, and then had to watch as Americans elected the most power-hungry, socialistic, Liberal Progressive President and Congress that America has ever had.My greatest fear happened in November.
I am re-attaching an article I wrote in October, BEFORE the election from hell.Maybe now...just maybe all of you who I sent it too won't hit the "DELETE" button before you read it. Maybe you might just possibly realize that the old Bubba might have lived long enough to see enough CRAP happen, and just maybe he just might know a tad about how things were, and how things can be.I know I have sent a lot of political stuff in the last year, and I know very well some of you want to puke when you see another one of those political e-mails.Well, give me a minute of your time and actually read this article from October.
Wake Up America American Socialism??
I would like to start this out by saying that I was raised as a Democrat. My Father's old Democratic party has all but been replaced by a Far-Left organization that has little to dowith the old Party.I consider myself to be an average "flag-waving" American who still believes America is the only force in the world that still stands against the socialistic, and freedom- hater factions that run rampant today.Recently I watched several people in a political rally that were not only very angry; they were also begging John McCain to stop the socialism from taking over America.It looked to me like just another bunch of those "strange" folks that live everywhere among us who think the sky is falling.I was amused, but didn't really give it much thought.Since then I began to think about what has taken place in the last few months.Then I remember what Khrushchev once said. "I will take over America without fireing a shot."I will never forget that statement. It has often haunted me that it could be done.The more I thought about all of this, it began to be very clear what was taking place right here in our country. It sent chills up my spine and brought a very deep concern that something very Un-American was close to fulfilling that promise.I don't consider myself to be one of those "Nuts" who cry fear every time they don't like something.Most of you who know me, know I don't usually jump on every wagon that comes down the street. This time I am jumping, and jumping hard.Call me what you like! Think that I too, have gone over the edge.My friends, I am scared for our way of life more than any time in my 65 years. I have seen a lot of policies come and go. I have seen a lot of mistakes made by our Government.I know that it is not run very well a lot of the time, and a lot of us don't trust them as far as we could throw them.Most of us would just as soon keep them out of our daily lives as much as possible.Having said all of that, I'm going to write some controversial things that may or may not upset you. Whether or not you agree with me is up to you, but I have to get this off of my chest because it is bothering me more than I can stand.I don't want all of this to go down without saying a thing.AS WE ALL KNOW, America is now in a crisis that will change our way of life forever. 911 changed our lives forever also. I felt it then and I danged well feel it now.I have begun to try to understand what has happened in the last few days.I watched the Government being "forced" to pass laws against the theme of our Constitution. I saw many in Washington vote against the bill from both parties.I wondered why some of the Democrats voted against it.Now the Government is considering having to "Nationalize" the banking system in America.No, they don't want to do it but they feel that something has to be done to save our economy, and the fall of the stock market.IF THEY DO THAT, IT WILL BE A TERRIBLE STEP TOWARDS A SOCIALISTIC FORM OF GOVERNMENT!!No American should sit back and say nothing about this!!I want you to think about this next part with an open mind.First, our financial leaders all agree that all of this "economy" problem started with the fall of the Housing Market.The Housing Market went down due, in large, to the sub-prime crunch where folks were loaned mortgage money that had no way of paying it back.The rates went up and defaults took place.Then Fanny and Freddie emerged with some CEO's who had been cooking the books for several years. Barney Frank (left wing congressman watch-dog), along with others testified that Freddy-Fanny were in good shape Top that off with ACORN helping to push these "ridiculous" loans along.Now ACORN is cooking the voter registration in many states trying to fraudulentlywin the election, and have been doing so for several elections.There are three Freddie-Fanny executives who were instrumental in the fall.All three are now on the election committee of Obama. (Franklin,Tim,Jim) If you want their names, look them up!Several of our Left-Wing politicians were in charge of "watch-dogging" Freddy-Fanny.They now are a part of the crowd in charge of trying to fix the problem! (Wolves guarding the flock)I promise you that they are scurrying around trying to cover their tracks.When I began to understand all of this, I began to see how it all started four years ago, when the left took over control of Congress.I know that these are not all of the issues.Four years ago we were strong financially, and gas was $2.30 a gallon.Since Congress is the one that runs our Government (not the President), guess who is responsible for the fall of America?? Could it not be the Democratic Congress?In 2006, McCain tried to pass a bill to stop the fall of Freddy-Fanny by tighter regulation, but it was voted down by the Left Congress.This brings us to Obama.It certainly is no secret who he has been associating with. Other than that, who is he?He has promised America with a Government based "Health Plan" that will be "far better than McCain's "privatized" plan. (Socialized health care?)Do you realize that if he is successful in being elected President, WE WILL HAVE A LEFT-WINGED PRESIDENT BACKED UP BY A LEFT-WINGED CONGRESS!!No American should be happy with Obama, Pelosy, Reid, Franks, Ayers, running America. The worse thing is they will have ABSOLUTE CONTROL of America!With the Government in control of the BANKING system, guess where all of that leaves you and I?Khrushchev's statement doesn't sound so far-fetched now, does it?Looking back at the last four years, it isn't hard to see how all of the pieces of the puzzle fits into place.Now Obama has stepped up in position to tell America that it is the fault of the Bush Administration. He has blamed everything on "someone else", and he is going to bring "change". God help us all at the "change" we may get!He is now in position to take advantage of the situation to get elected.The Socialistic Left has been laying this ground work for years.Now, with the fear of America's economy, and with people having lost everything they have worked so hard to get and save.Now with all of the pain we have been through.Now during our darkest moment of American history, Obama is trying to step in and take over our country with a Left-Wing Socialistic form of government.I am very afraid! I'm not mad as some are! I am scared to death that we are on the brink of loosing our country to the worst possible kind of enemy that our founding Fathers tried to keep us from.IT IS TIME TO WAKE-UP and help fight this attempt to take over our country!I don't care what political party you belong to. I don't care if you believe any of this.It is on your shoulders to look for yourself and make up your own mind..Quote, "All that it takes for evil to prevail, is for good men to sit and do NOTHING"?Let it never be said that "I" didn't try to stop this down-fall of America.I figured I had to say what I could.After the election it will be much too late. If we loose, it will be too late to stop the process. Then you will hear that it was all caused by the Bush Administration, and more Socialistic measures will be needed to control the problems.The Obama Administration will have all the answers, and you will all have to go along with it.Democracy around the world will fall!Please pass this along, please. I don't claim to have all of the answers, but I have enough sense to see what's coming down if we sit quietly and do nothingI am an old timer, but my grand kids will suffer beyond anything than I can imagine if we do nothing.
posted October, 2008
George "Bubba" Huntoldbearhunter@alaska.netposted by Bubba at 1:05 PM

Monday, April 06, 2009

Braggin Rights

Thought I would get an update on my latest adventure, to the local hospital, that is:)
It's easier to do theses little blurbs than call.
Today I got out of the hospital with ALL of the cancer removed. I only got the colonoscopy because my brother and nephews had gotten one,( I didn't want to be left out on such a nice event) I had no pain or thought I had any problems.
Today I'm walking a bit stiffly. Feels like I swallowed a "lit chainsaw."
The next time they get some test done I will be running the other way as fast as my short legs will travel!!
Actually I'm a walking miracle. I lost 14 inches of colon, and my right kidney.Like I have said before, I had no pain or knew anything was wrong.If either of those cancers had spread, I wouldn't be here pecking on this key-board.
My cancerous kidney was 4-5 inches wide and at least that thick.It looked like maybe 9-10 inches long and the Doc said 3-4 pounds.
I'm sure it was some sort of world record!! Can you imagine that?? I had a world record kidney and couldn't even brag about it! My nephew Frank wanted it to make a fuel filter out of it. He also want the colon to make a "moose call" out of it.
For some reason the old Doc wouldn't give it up.
My little wife doesn't see the humor in it all, and she muttered something about us being some sort of sick dogs.
Some times the little gals can't understand??
Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.
If you ever wonder if God is listening, then maybe you can help me understand this little tid bit. "I just underwent MAJOR SURGERY and NEVER HAD ANY PAIN??" I do have stitch irritation, but had no real pain. ( I seldom ever pushed the pain button either, and only when the nurse scolded me)
God must think I'm special!! Maybe I'll brag about that!!